Join Our Team

TGC is currently looking for workers in a variety of positions: kitchen staff, grounds staff (cleaning and maintenance), cabin leaders, camp health manager (for our camps with youth 18 and under), and more.

Preference will be given to workers willing to commit to more than one week of camp.

In addition, we are always grateful to those willing to volunteer their time in support of camp - for any of the above positions.

Please email for more information.

All positions require a worker application form to be filled out, and must have a criminal record check.

Staff Application Form

All positions at camp require a current criminal record check.

If you have submitted a record check within the past 2 years you do not need a new one for this year.



Children's Camp

Cabin leaders for the Explorer Children's Camp will need to be available for training on both July 2nd and 3rd with the camp running July 4th-6th.

We hope our children's counselors would be available for both camps and therefore able to attend the training on July 2nd and 3rd. If you are only available for the Adventure Camp, training will commence Sunday, July 8th in the afternoon and the director will need to connect with you for additional information prior to the camp.

Cabin leaders must be 16 years of age or older. Preference will be given to those 18 years and older.


Teen Camp

Cabin leaders must be 18 years of age and older with a current, clear criminal record check.

Workers will be expected on camp grounds a day prior to camp starting for training. All record checks and applications MUST be completed prior to this time. Training opportunities will also be held prior to our first kids' camp. Information regarding training will be forwarded once you have been accepted for a position.

CITs Children's Camps

If you are between 13 and 18, there is an opportunity for you to work at camp as a Cabin Leader-in-Training. You would assist a Cabin Leader with their duties and gain some valuable training, as well as taking part in all of the fun of the camp. We have a limited number of spots, but are certainly looking for energetic young people willing to help with the campers, run games, and help teach some of our skills.

You will be expected to fill in an application form and attend all training. Record checks are not required for those aged 16 and under.

Grounds and Maintenance

We require a number of people to work throughout all of the weeks of the camp to maintain the grounds. Workers would report to the camp director for each week, and would be responsible for garbage, and various cleaning jobs including bathrooms, dining room, and tabernacle. During the weeks of children's camp, assistance may also be required with set up and operation of various activities (operating the slide, etc.). Criminal Record Checks will be required for anyone on the grounds for Children and Teen Camps.