Updated: 2021 Camp Dates!

We cannot guarantee that SHA regulations won't change between now and the summer, however, at present we have what we believe is the best workable plan for summer camp 2021. The one guarantee we can make is that our staff is determined to work to our utmost ability to provide opportunity for people of all ages to have a quality camping experience and encounter the Living God.

Family Camp: June 30th-July 4th (Adults and children's services will both be provided, but please note that this year there is no day camp option for children at family camp).
  • Children's Day Camp #1 (children ages 5-13): July 9th-11th (Friday to Sunday)
  • Children's Day Camp #2 (children ages 5-13): July 12th–16th (Monday to Friday)
  • Jr. and Sr. Teen Day Camp (entering grade 6 to just graduated grade 12): July 19th–23rd (Monday to Friday)
  • Young Adults’ Camp: July 30th-August 2nd

  • *More information will follow on Children's and Teen camps. Transportation options will be provided for Children and Teen Day Camps. Options for parents/guardians to stay overnight at the camp are also available for Children's Camps. Senior Teens will have the option to stay on the grounds in separate cabins with overnight grounds supervision/security provided (there is no family overnight option at Teen Camp).

    Please check the "Join Our Team" section for staff applications.

    Registrations will open by the end of April!

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