2021 Camp Dates!

We are hoping and praying that the summer of 2021 will allow us to have a regular camping season. However, we also recognize that provincial regulations around covid continue to be fluid and plans may need to change. The one guarantee we can make is that our staff is determined to work to our utmost ability to provide opportunity for people of all ages to have a quality camping experience and encounter the Living God.

As such, we are pleased to release the current, tentative camp dates. These will take place if we are allowed to run camp as normal.
Family Camp: June 30th-July 4th
  • Explorer Camp (children ages 6-8): July 7th–9th
  • Adventure Camp (children ages 9-11): July 12th–16th
  • Jr. and Sr. Teen Camp (ages 12-18): July 19th–23rd
  • Young Adults’ Camp: July 30th-August 2nd

  • *For Explorer Camp, Adventure Camp, and Teen Camp, families would have the option to transport their children to and from camp each day instead of having them sleep at the camp.

    If regulations are similar to last summer, then the biggest change would be not being allowed to have overnight camps for children and youth. In that case we would run our programming as day camps, and invite parent/guardians to either transport their children daily to and from camp, or to book accommodations for their family to stay together in the evening. Our camps would shorten to 3 days instead of 5.

    • Explorer Camp (children ages 6-8): July 7th – 9th
    • Adventure Camp (children ages 9-11): July 12th–14th (first camp option) and July 15th – 17th (second option)
    • Jr. and Sr. Teen Camp (ages 12-18): July 19th–21st (Jr. Camp) and July 22nd – 24th (Sr. Camp)

    Staff applications for the summer will begin to be posted within the next month. The target for registrations to open is the month of April/early May: we will be carefully watching provincial planning to ensure we have the most accurate plan.

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