Cabin Gallery

Cabins are typically booked on a first come, first serve basis. We try to look at the needs of each camper and help them with the best fit. This includes those with large families or small children, and those with medical needs.

Trossachs Camp has RV spots, tenting spots, newer cabins, and what we term "rustic cabins." Our newer cabins include Family Cabins, Duplexes, and Single Units.

Family Cabins ("Newer")

Family Cabins have two bedrooms. Typically, one bedroom has a bunk bed and the other has a double bed. There is a front/sitting area which also has a couch or futon on it. We currently have two family cabins with bathrooms: the remainder are still waiting for that upgrade. Please note that none of our units come with bedding.

Duplex Units

A duplex unit has one double bed in a one-room space. We have a limited number that include washroom, and two with wheelchair accessibility. Please note that none of our units come with bedding.

Older "Rustic" Cabins

With a camp that's over 100 years old, we have a variety of accommodations that are also dated. These range from 2 bedroom cabins with front "sitting" room, to one room "motel" units that typically have two beds - although we do have one with a bunk bed and single bed. We do our best to match family sizes to the unit that best suits your needs. Please note that none of our units come with bedding.

RV Spaces

We have spots with water/sewer/electrical - 30A, as well as some spots with 20A electrical only (no sewer/water).

Fourplex Unit

You will be close to your neighbors, and your space is a small, single bed room. However, it is one of our "newer" cabins on the grounds and has a beautiful deck space. Please note that the camp does not provide bedding.

The Dorms

Typically reserved for our Teen & Children's Camps, we have a number of dorm rooms with single sized bunk beds. Each dorm fits about 10-14 people, and we have adjoining doors between several (that do not lock between). For some families or groups that prefer or need a significantly larger space, dorm rooms can be an option at Family Camp. You may also find our Family Camp staff sharing these kinds of accommodations. 

Bunk bed mattresses are all plastic coated. The bunks in use for kids and teen camps are all reinforced with railings at the top, ladders, and attached directly to the wall for safety. There are no bathrooms in the dorms or older cabins: we have one bathroom block, separated male and female, with 3 showers in each and individual bathroom stalls.

We do not provide bedding during Family Camp. (When our teens and children come out to their camps we always stock extra blankets, pillows, sheets, etc. for those pieces they forget... and dorms have a lot more decorations then too!).

If you are a family or group who would like to book a dorm space, it is significantly cheaper than our regular cabin options. Please email us for details.