Senior Teen Camp 2024

July 29th - August 2nd

DATES: July 29th - August 2nd

Cost: $350 Regular. 

With 30% subsidy, $245.

This includes $10 canteen tab


This camp is activity filled, with services designed to meet you where you are at. God is real - and this is a time for you to bring your questions, doubts, fears, and to be covered in love and the reality of meeting the incredible power of the living God. This camp is for you!


Activities include archery, swimming, wide games, campfires, talent show, lame jokes, and more.

Senior Teens are entering Grade 9 to entering Grade 12.



8:45 Breakfast

9:30 Jr. Service and Activity

12:00 Lunch

1:00 Activity Rotations – swimming, archery, canteen, horses, various games – water based and otherwise.

5:30 Supper

7:00 Service for the whole camp

8:30/9 Mug Up (snack)

9:00ish Evening Game – Mission Impossible, Talent Show, underground church, capture the flag, etc. 

10-10:45 Late Night Activity (dependent on weather and evening game) – This might be a night swim or something else and is broken up by junior and seniors. Some nights campers will head to bead following the evening game.

11ish Lights Out

Check Out a Slideshow from 2021 HERE

Dave Willis

Dave Willis returns to Senior Teen Camp!

Dave is not your typical speaker: he endeavors to listen to the Holy Spirit, and he shares what he receives. His ability to hear the voice of God is proven and accurate. He brings with him a desire to make God part of a daily life walk, in the same way that he does with his trucking company and as a father of 4. God shouldn't be just for Sundays: we should daily experience adventures with Jesus. Dave speaks from experience and with a heart to love people deeply. It's hard to find anyone more encouraging than Dave Willis.

More Speakers!

Our mornings will include testimonies from our cabin leading staff: real life, honest experiences in their faith walks.

Our additional speakers include Shadow Eagletailfeathers, Andrew Nickel, Victory Howard, 

Levi Couzens, and Aimee Jenkins. Each of these young adults will share the real ways Jesus has impacted their lives, and walked with them even in some very challenging situations.

"And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony..." (Revelations 12:11)