Family Camp: July 5th - 7th

Family Camp focuses on providing an enjoyable camping atmosphere for people to build relationships with one another, and to connect with Jesus in a meaningful way.

Family Camp will have services and activities for the entire family to join in. We offer a number of accommodations, including RV spots and cabins of varying sizes.

Director: Ed Fischer

Our Speaker: TBA

Children's Ministry:  Members of the Children's Camp Ministry Team

Worship: TBA

Jr. Teen Speaker (Sat & Sun mornings): TBA

Adult, Children's and PreSchool Services available twice daily. Saturday and Sunday morning will also include a jr. teen speaker.

Activities will include swimming, inflatable slide, archery, evening campfires and games, and playgrounds spaces and equipment. We also feature an all-ages Talent Show one evening - with prizes! Canteen will also be available afternoon and evenings.

Speaker: TBA

We are looking forward to another amazing summer with a profound set of speakers!

Worship: TBA

Whether old or young, Trossachs endeavors to have dynamic worship where people can authentically enter in to the presence of God. We are looking forward to 2024!

Camp Schedule

Registration begins at 3:00 on July 5th. 

Camp Opens with supper on the 30th at 5:00, and a kick off service at 7:00

Camp follows the schedule below for Saturday and Sunday. On Sunday, there will be a morning service, lunch, and baptisms to end off the camp.

8:00 Breakfast

10:00 Morning Service - Separate Preschool, Children's, and Jr. Teen Ministry available

12:00 Lunch

1:15 Afternoon Activities - This includes horses, swimming, 9 Square, Trampolines and ninja ropes course, canteen, inflatables, and more!

5:30 Supper

7:00 Evening Service - Separate Preschool and Children's Ministry available

Post-Service - Canteen, Mug Up (Snack) and Late Night Activities

*Prayer Ministry Training Option
If you are interested in learning more about hearing from God and ministering to others, we will hold a training session on the morning of July 5th, beginning at 10:00 a.m. There will be further opportunity to practice through the weekend as we will pair participants up with seasoned ministers who will be released to pray during our camp services.